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The Duke’s Gates - A small city under your lock

The Duke’s Gates is the first condominium in Vozdovac, the historical part of Belgrade. Modern new construction, great location, as well as a modern housing concept are the reasons why Duke’s gates will make a perfect home. Get to know the settlement of Duke’s Gates and choose the best real estate in Vozdovac.

Why is The Duke’s gates settlement the best choice for your new home?


When it comes to the settlement of Duke’s Gates, the location of the condominium is one of the best when it comes to buying real estate. The rich content offered by the complex itself, as well as the close proximity of important facilities and institutions provide a comfortable lifestyle. Surrounded by a gate, this neighborhood becomes a real symbol of the southern gate of the city, which connects the center of Belgrade with its southern municipalities!

New Construction

If your choice is a reliable new building, Vozdovac and The Duke’s Gates condominium will answer all your requests! The settlement of Duke’s Gates consists of new apartments and real estate under construction, adapted to a modern lifestyle. Choose reliable real estate in Vozdovac characterized by new installations, carpentry, maximum use of space and the comfort you have been dreaming of.


The condominium concept provides complete security to Duke’s Gates neighborhood and its tenants. By purchasing a property in Duke’s Gates complex, you choose a home or a premise in a protected residential and business zone, with a 24/7 reception, card access, video surveillance, a private park as an oasis of peace and underground garages.


Vozdovac was named after Karadjordje Petrovic, the leader of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804, and was once called Vozdovo naselje (Duke’s settlement). In a neighborhood with such a rich history and cultural heritage, 80 years ago your neighbor would have been the brave Milunka Savic; 180 years Vasa Carapic, and 200 years ago the leader Karadjordje himself!

The Duke’s Gates - Living space curated to your liking

In the Duke’s Gates, a settlement that covers more than 70,000 m2, more than 700 families can realize their life dream, with 400 of them living in this modern condominium already. The settlement of the Duke’s gates is characterized by modern apartments adapted to suit the requirements of a modern family. All apartments are designed to provide maximum functionality, with an optimal ratio of square footage to the number of bedrooms. Special attention is paid to the terraces, so that every tenant can enjoy their morning coffee outdoors.
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Modern real estate Vozdovac - What is Duke’s Gates settlement consisted of?


Choose the modern real estate in Vozdovac. Find your dream space on one of the typical floors, or the penthouse level, among apartments of different orientation and structure, from one to two-bedroom apartments.
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The premises within the Duke’s gates are located on the ground floor, on the outside of the condominium. Currently available outlets are the perfect investment opportunity. Invest in a premise in a great location, at a special price.
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In order to ensure absolute safety of your vehicles an underground garage has been built, with 787 parking spaces according to plan. Choose a safe parking space for your vehicle.
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Additional content

If you are looking for modern real estate, Vozdovac and the settlement of the Duke’s Gates are the right choice for you! Tenants are provided with access to the largest private park in Belgrade, as well as rich retail and service content.
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The Duke’s Gates - Oasis of peace

On one side of the Voždovo gates you will find the city hustle and bustle, the faculty center, sports and shopping centers, spacious boulevards and public transport connected to all other parts of the city, schools and health facilities. On the other side of the condominium, await the peace of Avala, the famous Vozdovac Church of the Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Jelena, Byford Forest and tucked streets. Everything you need for a comfortable life - at your fingertips!
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Apartments for sale in the Duke’s Gates - A safe choice for your new home

Choosing an apartment is an important moment in your life. To help you with this, our consultants are at your disposal during all steps of the sales process. If you are interested in the look and price of Duke’s Gates apartments, as well as any purchase step, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our offices. Step into the future with satisfaction and confidence!
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