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Apartment acquisition is not only an investment in the future, but it is also a creation of a home as a symbol of security. Therefore, it is crucial to have trust and confidence in the investors, whose expertise and reputation will make you feel completely at ease.

Behind the project of The Duke’s Gates proudly stands reputable Israeli investor Shikun & Binui Europe, the leading company in the construction of top of the line residential and business complexes around the world.

The cornerstone of the company's success and the almost a century-long existence—is responsible way of doing business, expertise and commitment to the vision of comfort and quality, always being a step ahead of time.

Shikun & Binui Europe gained public confidence in this region by construction of residential and business complex Central Garden, the first condominium in the center of Belgrade and the one that redefined the concept of life in the capital—and has already become a synonym for modern, high-quality and safe living space for the modern family. Following its triumphant footsteps, Shikun & Binui Europe has brought the first condominium concept of living to New Belgrade. A safe port between two rivers, Wellport is providing a perfect home to its first residents since the end of 2019.