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More than 400 families found their family nest here! Are you next?

The search for a new apartment is never an easy task, and if you include the needs of other family members in that mission, you can understand why the search for an ideal location and housing can be a process that lasts several months, or even years. At least it used to be like that.

The condominium, as a new and modern closed-type housing complex, is widespread in major cities around the globe, and in our capital, this housing concept is becoming more and more popular thanks to Israeli investor Shikun&Binui Group, which is behind the first condominium in Belgrade - Central Garden, as well as the first complex of this type in Voždovac –The Duke’s Gates.

If you would like us to simplify this term, it would sound like this - a complex which offers its residents a more modern, luxurious and comfortable concept of life. The Duke’s Gates represents a home for more than 400 families and it currently holds the title of one of the most popular complexes among family buyers. These are only some of the reasons: 24/7 security, reception which will not let in unannounced guests, private park and gym, and something completely new - the first padel court in Serbia. What gives this complex an additional value and represents a perfect combination for aligning all obligations, is the availability of retail stores found on the outer side of the complex. Buying an apartment in this condominium represents an excellent investment, because all the content it offers, in combination with the growth of the complex itself, will inevitably lead to an increasing value of the property in future.

What else makes this location an ideal place for family life? The accessibility of different sports facilities, schools and universities, and the thing we all sometimes need, being connected with nature – in this case the Byford Forest. This part of the city is very well-connected in terms of the public transport, so it will take you less than 20 minutes to reach the river bank on the other side of the city, or downtown, or to take a family walk along the Ada lake.

The complex entered its fourth phase in September last year, and due to a great interest of buyers, the beginning of the fifth phase is planned for autumn this year. This part of the city is growing at an accelerating pace and all who wish to enjoy a combination of peace and privacy, with rich content for entertainment and relaxation, can reach out to a leading real estate consultancy in Serbia and exclusive sales representative - CBS International, part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group.