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The Dukes Gates, the first condominium in Voždovac

New Israeli investment presented in Serbia

A special event to mark the start of construction on the first condominium in Voždovac municipality, named The Duke’s Gates (Voždove kapije), was held last night in the hall of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade.

The new Israeli investment into a residential and commercial complex in Voždovac is valued at 170 million euros and will promote a modern and unique lifestyle in the city.

Reputable Israeli investor Shikun&Binui Group, the leading company in the construction of modern residential and commercial complexes around the world, stands proudly behind the project, which will provide architectural refreshment to one of Belgrade’s largest municipalities.

The complex will spread over 70,000 square meters and will include over 700 residential units, underground parking, retail spaces at ground level dedicated to a number of services and a closed private park, which will stretch over 7000 square meters and contain features for all age groups including a safe playground for children, an outdoor gym, an area for pets and Belgrade’s first and the only paddle tennis court.

The opportunity to become acquainted with Shikun&Binui Group’s new project, promoting a modern lifestyle, was attended by more than 500 distinguished guests, representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the City of Belgrade, prominent domestic and foreign businessmen and prominent guests from business, cultural and public spheres.

The exclusive sales representative of the Project is CBRE Serbia, consistently the leading real estate consultancy in Serbia.

Attendees were addressed by Gili Dekel, Managing Partner of the Project, Moshe Lahmani, The Chairman of the Board of Directors at Shikun&Binui Group, H.E. Alona Fischer Kamm, the Ambassador of Israel to Serbia and city manager Goran Vesić.

Managing Partner of the Project, Gili Dekel, said: “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to present residential and commercial complex Duke’s Gates, another successful project headed by Israeli company Shikun&Binui Group, whose construction will begin later this month. Spreading over 70,000 square meters we will build homes for over 700 families, setting new standards of comfort for living in the city. Thanks to excellent cooperation with representatives of the City of Belgrade and the Government of the Republic of Serbia we have managed to become leaders in the real estate market, which is something I am incredibly proud of.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors at Shikun&Binui Group, Moshe Lahmani, said: “We are very proud of the Duke’s Gates Project, which we believe will enhance the future look of Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, and provide a new place for Belgrade’s citizens to enjoy in comfort and security. We are setting new living standards by providing Belgrade’s citizens with affordable luxury, security and ultimate comfort. We strongly believe in your market, which is why we have decided to continue investing into the development of large projects such as Duke’s Gate. On behalf of Shikun&Binui Group I would like to express sincere thanks to the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for enabling our excellent relationship and for the trust they have placed in us.”
Israeli Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Alona Fischer Kamm said: “As you know, Israeli real estate companies became over the years, a flagship of the Israeli investments in Serbia with more than 1 billion EUR invested since 2000. During the world economic meltdown, Israeli real estate companies stayed in Serbia and economic recovery of the country is followed by the increasing activity of investors. Shikun&Binui Group made a first, successful step in residential market of Belgrade with Central Garden project and I’m sure The Duke’s Gates will follow the success by offering attractive facilities and improving the way of living of its residents.”

City manager Goran Vesić said: “This investment is proof that we are on the right path, and today we have the great honor to announce new Israeli investment in Belgrade, Duke’s Gates whose concept of condominium improves the way of life in our city. Israeli investors are present in Belgrade, especially when it comes to the real estate market. I hope that this trend will continue thanks to the friendship between our two countries”.

About the investor: Investment Company Shikun&Binui Group have been active since 1920 and since then have been leading players in the fields of construction, real estate initiatives and infrastructures in Israel. Shikun&Binui Group also develops projects abroad due to its record of proven achievements in the construction of residential neighborhoods and commercial and public buildings, as well as in the establishment, financing and operation of huge ventures in the fields of transportation infrastructure, ecology, water purification and desalination, and international project development. Shikun&Binui Group earned the confidence of the public in Serbia’s market with the construction of Central Garden, the first condominium complex in downtown Belgrade, which has redefined the concept of lifestyle in Serbia’s capital and has already become a symbol for state-of-the-art, high-quality and safe living for the modern family.