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It is time for a new home
Vožd Gates are the first condominium in Voždovac, historic part of Belgrade. Surrounded by the gates itself, this complex has become a real symbol of the south gate of the city that connects the city center with municipalities on its south!
Voždovac the neighbourhood with rich history and cultural heritage. Some 80 years ago, your neighbor here would have been courageous Milunka Savic; 180 years ago you would’ve encountered Vasa Carapic, and 200 years ago, even Karadjordje himself!
Voždovac was named after the title of Karadjordje Petrovic, the leader of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804, and was once called Vožd’s Settlement—the settlement that marked history when the uprising started in it.
The concept of condominium provides complete security to Vožd Gates and its residents—it makes it a protected residential and commercial zone, with 24/7 reception, access card entry, video surveillance, private park as an oasis of tranquility, underground garages—your peaceful everyday life is ensured.
Oasis of peace
On the one side of the Vožd Gates there is the busy city life, University center bustle, sports and shopping centers, spacious boulevards and transportation system connecting towards all other parts of the city, schools and health centers, while on the other side there is peace and tranquility of Avala, famous Voždovac Church of St. Emperor Constantine and the Empress Helena, Byford Forest and streets tucked away in serenity.
Space to fulfill life dreams
In Vožd Gates there is enough space to fulfill life dreams of more than 700 families. On one of the seven floors, or perhaps on the penthouse level, among 129 apartments of different structure and orientation—you will find your ideal space, with a choice of one, to three-bedroom flats.
Technical Equipment
All apartments are designed to provide maximum functionality, with an optimal size, in relation to the number of bedrooms. Special attention dedicated to the terraces, so that the resident can enjoy a morning coffee outdoors.
Time for a new home
The choice and selection of an apartment is an important and a big moment in your life. To help you do this, our consultants are at your disposal during all steps of the sales process. Step into the future happy and safe! Visit our sales offices where you can get professional advice from the architects, so you can adapt your living space to all of your needs.
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Cornerstone laid for Voždove kapije project

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The Dukes Gates, the first condominium in Voždovac

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